Position: Acupuncturist

Job Title:

Job Description:
Responsible for examining patients, diagnosing, and treating patients by utilizing acupuncture procedures. Specifically, administer specific therapeutic treatment of symptoms and disorders amenable to acupuncture procedures; review patients' medical histories, physical findings and any diagnosis made by a physician to ascertain the symptoms and disorders to be treated; develop individual treatment plans and strategies and provide consultation and acupuncture sessions; utilize knowledge of acupuncture points and their functions to select proper needles and insert them at locations of body known to be efficacious to certain disorders; keep needles in patient for specific length of time and then remove them according to the symptoms treated; prescribe specific nutritional guidance and herbal formulas based on principles of TCM; perform auxiliary treatments including massage, herbal therapy and acupressure if necessary; adhere to HIPPA, Federal and State guidelines at all times.

Job Requirement:
Master's degree in Acupuncture or Traditional Chinese Internal Medicine. State of California License is required.

Work Schedule:
Monday - Friday, 10:00am - 7:00pm
40 hours per week.

Position: Massage Therapist

Job Title:
Massage Therapist

Job Description:
Work by physician's order, strategies and provide acupressure sessions

Job Requirement:
California Licensed massage therapist of Lic. CNA.

Work Hours:
40 hours for full time, 20 hours for part time.

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